Decades of elegance

A glimpse into opulence - Icons adored in YOKO London Jewels across pinnacle magazines, featuring Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler and Eva Longoria. 

Liv Tylor for Vanity Fair

 Liv graces the pages adorned in a luxury symphony of our exquisite Yoko London pearls. Our lavish layered pearl necklace *X*X*X drapes gracefully, each strand interwoven with diamond dropping pearls, creating a cascade of opulence. Our intricate design seamlessly integrates glistening diamonds, adding to the ensemble. Against this sky blue background and harsh contrasts Liv epitomises timeless allure. Transform your look with a modern twist on timeless elegance from our Classic Collection so you can elevate your style to a fusion of classic grace with our exquisite reinterpretation of timeless luxury. 

Eva Longoria for Vanity Fair, Holly Wood Edition

Eva exudes timeless sophistication, the ethereal glow of the pearls accentuates her natural beauty, casting a gentle radiance on Eva's profile. Our Yoko earrings dangling with graceful simplicity, add a touch of classic allure. Capture the essence of refined glamour and contemporary elegance with our Classic collection, embracing a minimalist look that blends modernity with sophistication.

Gwyneth Paltrow for Glamour

 Step into a realm of timeless sophistication with a classic pearl necklace that channels iconic elegance, our Yoko London necklace illustrates the delicacy and highlights the illuminous shine of our pearls, flawlessly strung, enhancing the neckline with understated grace. This piece exudes a refined simplicity, capturing the essence of vintage glamour with our pearls that are intricately intertwined with glistening diamonds, creating a luxurious symphony around the neckline. The necklace is reminiscent of Gwyneth's refined style, exuding a perfect blend of classic allure and contemporary glamour.

 Embark on a journey of modern sophistication with our Classic Collection and elevate your ensemble with newer versions of this exquisite pieces from the collection that are designed to be for now and future generations, perfect for the modern women. 
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