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Alluring diamonds in an elegant arrangement, weaving around the neck culminating in a single, lustrous Australian South Sea pearl.

A Glamourous Affair

Enter a world of opulent luxury with this exquisite diamond ensemble, where each facet exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. Prepare to be captivated by the radiant brilliance of diamonds, as they adorn the neckline in a glamorous affair.



A strong captivating arrangement culminates in a singular radiant pearl, reflecting grace with every moment.



Diamond mosaics artfully arranged to give the illusion of a large pear shaped diamond. Embrace the majestic allure of this stunning creation, commanding attention and admiration at every turn with its regal splendour.

Brilliance of Diamonds

Ultimate Radiance

The Goddess masterpiece features a combination of marquise, pear and princess cut diamonds. The flawless central 15.1mm pearl features an astoundingly beautiful lustre.



Goddess celebrates the harmony between diamonds and pearls, crafting an ensemble of unmatched elegance and allure.

Discovering Goddess

With a focus on intricate diamond arrangements and the radiant beauty of Australian South Sea pearls, each piece captures the essence of divine grace and sophistication.

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