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About Us




Established in 1973, Yoko London has evolved over the past 45 years into a leading international luxury pearl jeweller.


Renowned for the use of rare cultured pearls, Yoko London pairs the expertise of a family business, which spans three generations of the Hakimian family, with an insatiable desire to innovate.  In Yoko London’s workshop extraordinary designers and craftsmen work to create the most exquisite cultured pearl jewellery that embodies a unique contemporary aesthetic while still exuding timeless elegance.


Each pearl is handpicked for every design, by a family run team that consists of some of the world’s finest pearl specialists. The importance of sourcing pearls that perfectly match in size, colour and lustre to complete a Yoko London masterpiece means that it can take up to a year to locate a single pearl with the characteristics to complete a single design. This painstaking process ensures that every pearl in every piece of Yoko London pearl jewellery is in perfect balance.


With clientele in over 70 countries and a flagship store in London’s prestigious Knightsbridge, Yoko London creates stunning pearl jewellery collections as well as one of a kind masterpieces.