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A regal ode to sophistication and elegance, inspired by illustrious royal heritage. Step into a world where modern allure meets aristocratic charm.

Timeless Grace;

With its timeless silhouette and graceful design, our Buckingham necklace embodies the enduring elegance of royal attire, remaining as a timeless adornment for generations to come.

18K White Gold, 16mm Australian South Sea Pearls and 24.46cts of Diamonds

Royal Reverie

Majestic Details

Intricate diamonds suspended by 18K gold, each drop pearl is meticulously set to create an ornate masterpiece, reflecting the intricate beauty of aristocratic charm and refinement.

Opulent Elegance

Regal Inspiration

Inspired by the majestic grandeur of royal heritage.

Discover Buckingham

Exuding regal splendour with its elaborate designs.

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